Malva Farm from Karatorp, Vemboö Urshult grows fruit, berries, and spices and is a KRAV certified producer (ecological certification standards). We are also members of Eldrimner, organizing and educating for artisan food in Sweden. We manufacture apple juice (must) from our own juicery as well as fruit beverages, marmalades, glögg (“Mulled wine” but made from apples) and much more.

Our products

Apple Juice KRAV Bag-in-Box 3 liters comes in the different apple varieties such as; Aroma, Gravensteiner, Holsteiner Cox, Folke, Rubinola, Yellow Richard, for 130kr.

Apple Juice Blended (mixed apple varieties) KRAV BiB 3 L 110kr.

Marmalade 100 G: About 15 different varieties. KRAV certified. Made from our own berries and/or fruit with no preservatives or other artificial additives. 40 kr per jar or 3 for 100kr.

Varieties such as: Christmas marmalade with Apple/Rosehip, Raspberries, Blueberries/Whisky, Black currant/Vanilla, Apple/Lemon, Plum / Ginger, Buckthorn / Apple, Blackberries/Strawberries, Flavored Aronia, Peach/White Currants, Cherry, Red currant/Gin, Blueberry/Strawberry, Strawberry/Rhubarb, Yellow currant, Goose berry, Sea Buckthorn/Apple.

Smutti, a 25 cl bottle of berry and apple juice, comes in different flavors. 35kr/bottle. KRAV certified. Four for 120kr: Buckthorn, Blackcurrant, Grape, Raspberry and Blueberry flavours.

Raspberry vinegar 100ml 50kr.

Apple sauce (Mashed apples) with Holsteiner Cox apples + cinnamon or with Mutzu apples + honey. KRAV certified. 50kr per 250g jar.

Black-currant lemonade and Blueberry lemonade 50cl (to be diluted 1x4). KRAV certified. 50kr.

During Christmas season we also have a KRAV Mulled wine (Glögg) made on apple juice and seasoned by us. 70 cl for 60kr

During July-Nov we have fresh fruits and berries of the season to be sold in our barn shop in Karatorp.

At Malva Farm you can pay with cash, Swish or by Credit card.

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